Product Reviews


  1. The Kong Flyer Extreme Frisbee
  2. Burt’s Bees Dog Shampoo
  3. “Buddies” Product Review
  4. Do Pet Wipes Really Clean Your Pet?
  5. Coming Soon!



I am beginning to post pet product reviews on my blog. I am not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with any companies. Product’s that I am reviewing are solely based on my personal experiences. I have wasted money on expensive products for Chance, only to find that he tore threw them in five minutes, or they didn’t work as they were supposed to. I am here to save you, the dog loving reader, the money that I have wasted on useless merchandise; and to tell you about the products you should splurge on!

All of the products I will be reviewing were/are from online stores, or  local pet stores. Estimated prices and availability will vary by region. The reviews are solely based on my experiences with the products I am reviewing, and it is not to say that you (and your dog will have the same experiences, as no two dogs are alike). Durability and effectivity will vary between different product sizes, and also the type of breed your dog is. Please keep this in mind while you read (and enjoy) my reviews.

If you are a business, and you would like for me to write an honest review of your product, please contact me at Chance and I are always excited to try out new treats, toys, etc. that we haven’t heard of. 🙂






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